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Marielle Kerber

Kerber drivs av Marielle Kerber som fick Damernas Världs pris Guldknappen 1999. Kerber är välskräddade plagg för den stilmedvetna businesskvinnan i naturliga material i siden och hållbara material som faller bra och som inte behöver strykas. Marielle klär kvinnor inom TV, politik och för röda mattan.

About Kerber

Marielle Kerber created her first prêt-à-porter brand, Kerber, with a mission of helping the individuals she had met on her personal journey as a volunteer in Vietnam. During this time, she formed close partnerships with a number of skilled Vietnamese tailors and provided them with new job opportunities as she set up her own production, under fair conditions, in the town of Hoi An.

Today, these individuals are not only Kerber’s long-term partners and staff, but also our friends. We constantly work to ensure their favourable working conditions, with living wages and employment benefits, as Marielle intended from the start.

Our purpose is to provide them with a secure and sustainable form of employment and to strengthen the local community through lasting business relations and charity efforts. We also recognise our responsibility to care for the natural environment.

Kerber has a long-term commitment to minimise harmful impacts on the environment, being in the choice of textiles or how we organise our supply chain and logistics. In essence, Kerber stands for quality, continuity and care. We are a value-based company with heartfelt beliefs and a passion for fashion.

Tux Jacket

2.900 SEK

Fancy Pants

1.590 SEK

Donna pants

1.690 SEK

Kjol i siden

1.540 SEK

The silk shirt

1.490 SEK

Disco top

1.390 SEK

Blus med dubbla kragar

1.790 SEK

X Bracelet

2.800 SEK

Sun Necklace
(finns även i grönt)

4.600 SEK